I See Things That Other People Don’t

I could start this post with a Sixth Sense reference but that’d be misleading.

My brain grok’s (it means “to understand something completely” from Stranger In A Strange Land) things differently. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

As I absorb something I see various ways to improve it. These observations feel natural and obvious to me, yet they’re like bolts of genius lighting to others. I used to feel that I can’t be the first to notice. After my revelation I put that down to an Autistic superpower that most people don’t have.

I’m finding two downsides to this. First, I’m talking to people who don’t grok it so getting things improved is frustrating, and second, I can’t unsee them.

People adapt to tools and processes without any concept of how much easier things could be. It’s driving me nuts knowing it could be better, having a problem and solution, and having to use what we have.

This is a very strong selling point in the right job. I need to either adapt my current job / employer to play to that strength, or find something else. Maybe the long term is self employment, where I have full control.


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