I Don’t Get How Team Sports Fans Can Be Racist

I’ll start this by disclosing the following. I am a middle aged white male. I identify with Manchester United.

Manchester United have had a very successful history. They’ve had some of the best players in the world at various times.

My favourite player (of the games I’ve watched live on TV) is Paul Scholes. He had plenty of other great players to play with; Beckham, Cole, Keane, Giggs, Ferdinand, Ronaldo, the list goes on.

Scholes strikes me as a very humble guy with incredible football talent. He always worked his socks off for the team (Manchester United and England). He always drew the eye, on and off the ball. He always wanted to win, and never gave up.

Since he retired I’ve had to adjust. Currently I’m on “Team Rashford”. I’d like to see him get more game time. I love how he’s developing. I see a lot of Scholes in him.

When Andrew Cole signed I thought he wasn’t suited to the style. He was brilliant, right from the start. He saw it as a path for improvement.

This bought Alex Ferguson a LOT of leeway in my mind. This is the start of a whole new chapter of experiences.

Every team sports fan has lots of their individual experiences like that. I get behind every one of my team. I appreciate flair, hard work, determination, and not just from my team. I want the best team to win. I want that to be my team.

I don’t see colour. I don’t see race. I only see players. My experience is the event.

I can’t grok how you can see “players” when the focus is your team, yet “black, Asian” etc when the focus is your opponents, in particular your rivals.


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