More Than The Sum Of Your Parts

We are all who we meet. We pick up interests and habits that form ourselves. How much of this is even identifiable is up for debate.

Ask any woman if she likes the colour pink. It’s rare to find someone who says she doesn’t. Is this conditioning?

Every girl she’s grown up around wears a lot of pink. Many toys are pink. She’s conditioned to associate pink as a female colour.

In the end, does it matter?

In my case, when I look for a new thing to watch, I want to watch every episode from the start. This is harmless. It just saps my free time.

Having discovered this is an Autistic trait, it’s made me wonder if that’s been the source of the habit. I now actively try to break that pattern.

It’s about identifying what parts are my Aspergers, so I can regain control in little ways.

It’s about picking my battles. I know there’s some things that I wouldn’t budge the needle on, no matter the effort.


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