Aversion To Being Photographed

The vast majority of the people who read this have no idea what I look like. This is by design. I’ve always put that down to me being a very private person. As it turns out, this may not be the whole reason.

After some cursory Googling I found several links to Autism and Aspergers. I can make eye contact but not hold it. It appears to be an extension of this. The camera is just indirect eye contact.

I actively avoid being in shot. I do reluctantly allow it occasionally with conditions like “don’t make it public”.

It’s not a fear. I know it’s harmless. Some cultures believe the soul is somehow negatively impacted. There’s no superstition.

It feels like I have eyes in the back of my head, and move like a scalded Tauntaun (Star Wars reference) at the hint of selfie. This stands out as odd behaviour in the smartphone and social network era. I even turn into Chewie (second Star Wars reference) when people try to coax me into a group picture. I shall not be moved.

In a work environment this can awkward. I work for a large company. There are several hundred people in the same building, in a wide variety of roles. We have regular group activities; some of which end in a group selfie. I have chosen to create a card I can carry with me, and show the trainer before that activity begins. I’m still working on the wording. I’ll post it when I’m happy with it.


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